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The office complex, located near the Government, was made after a total investment of about 37 million euros and is signed by the famous architect Dorin Ştefan.

The ensemble is a combination of old and modern architecture, consisting of the recently restored Oromolu Villa, an avant-garde office building and a market open to the general public. General Electric, Fitbit and Philip Morris are among the tenants of the most modern office complex in Romania.

The project benefits from a central location in Victoriei Square, at the Aviatorilor Boulevard intersection with Paris. Aviatorilor 8 presents to Bucharest a historic building - Vila Oromolu, built in 1927 for the Governor of the National Bank, Mihai Oromolu, according to the plans of renowned architect Petre Antonescu. Combining neoclassical, baroque and artistic styles, the building is considered an architectural jewel.

The project with a total rental surface of more than 7,700 square meters also incorporates a state-of-the-art, four-story building. The Class A building benefits from state-of-the-art technology with the highest level of functionality and remarkable aesthetic features. The double curved façade of the building, signed by the only producer in the world, CRICURSA, creates a spectacular effect, reflecting the sumptuous Oromolu Villa. The office building benefits from an advanced office building management system that allows its users full control over the climate, lighting and the environment in general, as well as the use of integrated technology solutions such as minimizing lighting and air conditioning consumption.

Among the premium features of the construction are the three high-speed Schindler lifts, electric car charging options, showers and changing rooms available to tenants at each parking level, an advanced electricity generator, an ultra-sophisticated heating / cooling system Air, as well as access to concierge services for tenants and their visitors. The 202 parking spaces of the building, located on 3 underground levels, represent the best ratio of parking spaces / office space in Bucharest. Of these, 42 seats, level -1, will be made available to the public on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The ground floor of the building is dedicated to services, and visitors can find here an exclusive offer of restaurants and cafes for refined tastes. They are open to the public and have terraces on the idyllic square in front of the office building. Osteria Gioia and Japanos restaurants, French Revolution and Doncafe and Manufaktura cafes will be available to all, employees and visitors alike. The Ava Smile Clinique dental clinic with modern services and tenhology will also be hosted on the ground floor.

The tenants of the Aviatorilor 8 project have already begun to occupy their premises in the office, and all the spaces will be operational this fall.

"Because our goal is to turn Romania into a key hub for General Electric in Central and Eastern Europe, we intend to employ around 100 top IT specialists the following year to complement the existing workforce, There are 150 employees. The fact that we are working in the most sophisticated and high-tech office building in the country will be a major asset in our intention to attract the most talented specialists from Romania and the region, "said Silviu Cretean, Senior Services Director of GE's Global Delivery Center in Bucharest.

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